Rochard is to Limoges what Renoir is to art, inspired creations that are timeless.

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Since 1973 the name Rochardô has been synonymous with exquisite hand painted porcelain Limoges boxes from Limoges, France. Superior workmanship, exclusive designs, vivid paint coloring and unique hinge and latch sets are just a few of the attributes that distinguish Rochardô Limoges boxes. Every Rochardô Limoges box proudly bears the "Rochard" name, is delivered in our unique designer packaging, and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

At Rochardô our emphasis
is on the small details of these tiny porcelain hinged treasures. Consistent workmanship is of the utmost importance when it comes to Limoges boxes, and Rochardô Limoges boxes are the highest quality available.

Rochardô is on the forefront of new designs and product development. We were the first to introduce the idea of finding surprises inside Limoges boxes.

Collectors of Limoges boxes understand and recognize why Rochardô Limoges boxes are the finest Limoges boxes.

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